The inaugural Tshwane 10s was held in 2016 at the Harlequin Club in South Africa’s capital, Pretoria. Tshwane 10s runs off the back of the award winning Zando Cape Town 10s that is the brainchild of rugby legends Bob Skinstad and Robbie Fleck and long-standing mate Ron Rutland.

This “social Olympics” festival saw huge success with 40 rugby teams, 30 beach volleyball teams, 20 netball teams and over 15 dodgeball teams taking part over the weekend.

The event last year brought in some of the world’s biggest rugby legends, including Bob Skinstad, Bakkies Botha, Handre Pollard, Doppies La Grange as well as global sporting star and EFC champion, Garreth “Soldierboy” McLelland, who all took part in the various weekend activities.

Tshwane 10s is designed for those who love sport and who love to have a lot of fun while taking part in their favourite sport! No experience needed. Included in the epic weekend festivities is live entertainment, thrilling sporting action and the chance meeting of a sports legend in the beer tent!

Sporting divisions are designed and set up to cater for all shapes, sizes and levels of play, from the very social “Kaas en Wyn” leagues to the premier leagues where regular club players can take part.

Going into its second year on 25 & 26 August 2017 at the Harlequin Club, we look forward to an even more successful weekend that continues to grow in popularity! With awesome prizes to be won for players and spectator’s on-and-off the field, great live action, awesome bands, celebrities, sports presenters and rugby Legends, why would you want to miss out? Think Hong Kong 7s in Pretoria; lots of people, lots of action and a bucket load of vibe!


Last year 40 touch rugby teams and rugby teams took part in the inaugural Tshwane 10s. 10s rugby provides a platform for social rugby to be showcased and allows the non-professional players to compete socially in a sport they love and enjoy. With the leagues designed for professionals, amateurs as well as the Golden Oldies that last played when Danie Craven was SARU president, it is certainly designed so that anyone can play!

10s rugby is divided into three divisions, namely the Vets, Premier and Social Divisions. 10s touch rugby is divided into a men’s league and a mixed league.

Squads for 10s rugby consist of 20 players, with 10 players on the field at a time (usually five forwards and five backs) and games are typically two 9-minute halves with a 2-minute half time. 10s touch rugby plays by the 6-down rules. Squads consist of 10 players with 6 on the field at one time.


With 20 teams last year and increased interest in the sport for 2017; we look forward to great numbers for this year! Tshwane 10s netball will be played on standard netball courts in close proximity to the event.

10s netball will consist of Masters, Premier and Social divisions this year.

Teams will consist of 10 players with 7 players on the court at a time and games will consist of two 10-minute halves with a 2-minute half time.


The Harlequin’s Squash Club boasts a great venue for the sport at the Tshwane 10s.  Teams will be in pairs with matches between teams consisting of 2 singles matches with the number of sets won dictating the winners. Games will be played with standard squash rules with matches comprising of 3 sets and first to 11 points per set.


Think G&T’s, the feeling of your bare feet on freshly mowed grass, night bowls and some good old friendly competition. 10s bowls is perfect for those groups of friends looking to have a good time and a couple of drinks while playing a relaxed social sport.  No experience is needed to play; only a sense of fun and camaraderie is needed.

Teams will consist of 4 people. With 5 “ends” being played. During each “end”, each player gets the chance to roll his/hers bowl as close as possible to the jack. The closest 3 bowls at the end of the round will count towards points.


Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge! Dodgeball SA and Rush are partnering with 10s to bring you dodgeball for the 2nd year! Coming off a highly successful dodgeball tournament at the Cape Town 10s, there is great promise for the enormity of the Tshwane 10s dodgeball tournament.

You need a mixed team of 7 (at least one member of the opposite sex on the court at any time) and dress up is a must. Up to 2 subs is allowed, with only 5 on the court at any time. No prior expertise is needed to enter which makes 10s dodgeball a sport for all. You are welcome to enter a dodgeball team along with another sporting code. Chat to the respective sports managers for more information.


We have an awesome line-up scheduled for both Friday and Saturday at the Zando Tshwane 10s. Get your spectator tickets to watch awesome live bands as well as some incredible sporting action.